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ARC Review: Skeletal by Katherine Hayton

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Title: Skeletal

Author: Katherine Hayton
Release date: January 25th 2015
Pages: 266
Genres: Mystery/thriller, psychological thriller
Publisher: Katherine hayton
My rating: 3.5/ 5
Source: Netgalley


Three months before she died Daina Harrow faced a bully at school.
Six weeks before she died Daina Harrow suffered an assault in the park.
One week before she died Daina Harrow stole a secret people had killed to hide.

That was ten years ago. Ten long years.

Now, her bones have been found on a building site. A coroner's inquest has been reopened. A parade of witnesses is about to start.
And Daina's here. Watching every day as her mother cries in the courtroom. Watching every day as her friends, and her enemies, and her killers lie about her on the stand.
Watching, and making sure that no matter what the coroner hears, you know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So help you God.

(taken from goodreads)


Since I hadn't read any mystery/thriller books in a while and found myself with the desire of reading one, I decided to read Skeletal. I had requested this from Netgalley on a total whim. I hadn't really heard of the author before and decided to base my judgement purely on the cover, which lets admit, looks kind of creepy. My expectation where at bay so i guess I wasn't really disappointed. With that said, I wasn't blown away either. 

Skeletal started out with moderately slow pacing. Thoughts of DNFing it did cross my mind, but I decided against it since I wasn't even that far into it. When I reached around 30% of the book I found myself pretty engrossed. Which was not only due to the endearing plot, but also to the way in which the story was told. 

The majority of the time we get everything from Daina, the main character who is dead. The event alternated between 2004 (the year in which Daina died) and 2014 the year in which her case was presented in court. I found it very unique and engrossing because -well, it's pretty much self explanatory! The main character is DEAD and she is in court watching everything go down! It was amazing. And what's even better is that on some occasions we got to see things from some of the other character's perspective, although those were significantly brief. 

The thing about this book is that during the first part I was basically glued to the story because I thought I had an idea of where the story was headed. And I liked it. But then there's this plot twist and things took such an odd turn. I felt like I wasn't even reading the same story during the second part! It wasn't bad, but still. There was so much build up for something that wasn't that much of a surprise. 

The character's were well-written, though. And the writing it self was quite nice too. I just felt that things ended up being anti-climactic. 

All in all, the story was good. Odd, but good nonetheless. I would recommend it to anyone searching for something that will have you on the edge of your seat. It's endearing, creepy and crude. Which leads to give you all a fair warning that there is some heavy, mature content such as: rape, drugs, alcohol use. So just keep that in mind. 


  1. Not going to lie - I love odd and interesting stories, cannot wait to check this one out!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. If it sounds like something you would enjoy then definitely give it a go! It's a good book, I just thought it could have been better, you know?


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