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Book Review: "Falling Into Place" by Amy Zhang

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On the day Liz Emerson tries to die, they had reviewed Newton’s laws of motion in physics class. Then, after school, she put them into practice by running her Mercedes off the road.

Why? Why did Liz Emerson decide that the world would be better off without her? Why did she give up? Vividly told by an unexpected and surprising narrator, this heartbreaking and nonlinear novel pieces together the short and devastating life of Meridian High’s most popular junior girl. Mass, acceleration, momentum, force—Liz didn't understand it in physics, and even as her Mercedes hurtles toward the tree, she doesn't understand it now. How do we impact one another? How do our actions reverberate? What does it mean to be a friend? To love someone? To be a daughter? Or a mother? Is life truly more than cause and effect? Amy Zhang’s haunting and universal story will appeal to fans of Lauren Oliver, Gayle Foreman, and Jay Asher.

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I'm the type of person that goes crazy for books that deal with dark topics such as depression. After reading the synopsis of this book, I knew that I had to read it immediately.

Liz Emerson gets in a car accident. What people didn't know is the fact that she did it on purpose. Throughout the book we get to find out the many reasons why she did this. Like how she's had a very difficult and rocky past. One filled with many things that she regrets that have ultimately led to her self-loathing and overall feeling of being broken. Unfortunately, she just hides all of it and puts on a happy and care-free persona to keep up her reputation. We get to connect all the details and put everything together. 

This book, definitely wasn't perfect. It had a few minor plot holes here and there and I couldn't help but want a bit more background story and development for a few of the characters. That's why I knocked off a star. I still found the writing to be beautiful and breath-taking nonetheless. This is  merely one of those books that can be called important. I found it serves as a voice for people who have to deal/cope with their inner-demons by themselves. For those who have to force smiles that hide what is slowly eating them up inside in fear of being judge or not taken seriously. I believe that the author was trying to convey a pretty powerful message and she definitely succeeded. 

This book will definitely appeal to those who enjoy reading contemporary books such as If I Stay, Thirteen Reasons Why, etc. Also, to those who like to read books with a meaningful message. Mind you, there are significant triggers about self-harm, eating disorders and suicide and depression. So be careful, lovelies! Other than that, I can't find anything that would keep me from recommending this book to people. It is powerful and meant to be read.


4/ 5 

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